Dogs are welcome!

Dogs really are welcome. We happily accept guest's dogs - but please let us know when booking. Inevitably, there are a few rules.
- We ask that people keep their dogs under control at all times, in the house; in the garden and whilst walking through forests and moors.
- As well as farm stock, there are vulnerable ground-nesting birds in all forests and moors around here, some of them are very rare and in danger.
- Please do not let dogs roam off the paths.

Pets Inside

If you bring your pet inside Auchendean B&B or the Coach House Self Catering Flat, there is a charge of £5 per dog per night.

We ask that pets are kept off the furniture at all times and that you have a sleeping mat. We can provide one if necessary.

The only other rule is that you please clear up any dog mess in the garden. Thanks!

Safe Walks

There are many safe walks for exercising your dog. The old main road at the bottom of our drive goes a mile into Dulnain Bridge and is now a very quiet road with little traffic. It's an ideal exercise area especially in wet weather.

Otherwise there is easy access into Curr Wood at the back of the hotel which gives opportunities for many safe walks, but do beware of ground nesting birds, especially capercaillie - they need all the protection we can give them.
You may also need boots.

See Pets pictures

Robbie and Hamish. 2 Westies who visited Auchendean every year

The endangered Capercaillie is a ground nesting bird and vulnerable to dog disturbance